Bombina bombina


image002Bombina bombinaFire-bellied Toad. There are several populations located in South-eastern Latvia and along south-central border of the state. Total number of population is estimated ~ 300 vocalizing males. Until 2006, only two small populations were known (~ 10 vocalizing males each), one having specially established Natura 200 site (Islice Reserve), but otherin Natura 2000 site established for many rare species (Ilgas Reserve). Both have Territory Protection Plans with specific measures for Bombina bombina; in both these measures have partially been implemented. In 2006 large population (~200 vocalizing males) was found outside any protected area, in the Daugavpils District in south-eastern Latvia. Bombina bombina does have approved Species Protection Plan where species records and general information on recommended conservation actions are described.