Coronella austriaca


image002Coronella austriaca – Smooth Snake. All known Coronella austriaca locations are situated in coastal areas of Western, north-western Latvia. Extremely rare species with records mostly in Natura 2000 areas (Slitere National Park, Kemeri National Park, Engure Nature Park), where small populations have are found. Population in Latvia is apparently isolated from populations in other countries by agricultural areas, urban territories, and unsuitable habitats. No Coronella austriaca conservation measures have yet been specified for any of present Natura 2000 territories with approved Territory Protection Plans. Coronella austriaca Species Protection Plan has not been developed yet; however, scientific information on general management activities for Latvia is available (Čeirāns A. 2000. The smooth snake (Coronella austriaca Laur.) in Latvia: distribution, habitats, and conservation // Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, 54).