Project goal is to facilitate the enlargement of Emys orbicularis, Coronella austriaca, Bombina bombina population and to ensure their long-time persistence in Latvia by combining in-situ, ex-situ methods, and legal protection improvement.


Project main objectives:

·       Creation of a suitable habitat and corridor network for Emys orbicularis, Coronella austriaca, Bombina bombina key populations for one existing or proposed Natura 2000 site each species.

·       Establishing of a new Natura 2000 site for main population of Bombina bombina in Latvia.

·       Preparation and approval of the Species Protection Plan for Coronella austriaca.

·       Breeding ex-situ for Habitat Directive Annex II species Emys orbicularis and Bombina bombina northernmost populations: - captive breeding and enforcement of weak Bombina bombina populations in key positions; - establishment of large Emys orbicularis population in captivity from native specimens, breeding and releasing of juvenile Emys orbicularis in wild.

·       Raising of public awareness of Emys orbicularis, Coronella austriaca, Bombina bombina conservation necessity.


Natura 2000. 'Natura 2000 - Europe's nature for you. The site of Project is part of the European Natura 2000 Network. It has been designated because it hosts some of Europe's most threatened species and habitats. All 27 countries of the EU are working together through the Natura 2000 network to safeguard Europe's rich and diverse natural heritage for the benefit of all'.