Other LIFE Projects



This PROJECT connected with the other LIFE projects realized in Latvia and Europe which main species were Bombina bombina and Emys orbicularis.

Daugavpils Municipality structural unit Latgale Zoo was participant of the LIFE 04 NAT/LV/000199 “Protection of habitats and species in Nature Park "Rāzna"”, 2004-2009; applicant – Daugavpils University, partners – Daugavpils Regional Environmental Board, Rezekne Environmental Regional Board, Razna National Park.

Latgale Ecological Society was partner of LIFE Nature project LIFE04 NAT/DE/000028 “Management of fire-bellied toads in the Baltic region”; 2004-2009; applicant – Stifftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), six partners in the Denmark, one in Sweden.

The experts of Project were participants of meetings on other LIFE projects on the Project main species:

·          International Conference "Protection of European pond turtle and amphibians in the North European lowlands". LIFE05NAT/LT/000094. 2009. Poland, Olsztyn; Lithuania, Meteliai.

·          International workshop "Management of fire-bellied toads populations". 2009. Germany, Blomenburg. LIFE04NAT/DE/000028

·          International workshop "Conservation of Emys orbicularis relict populations on the northern border of the distribution area – experiences and perspectives". 2009. Germany, Angermunde. LIFE05NAT/LT/000094

·          International workshop of the LIFE project "Protection of Triturus cristatus in Eastern Baltic region". LIFE04NAT/EE/000070. 2008. Otepaa, Estonia.